Are other allergy treatments ‘a patch’ on those being developed by DBV-Technologies? Read on to find out…

Allergies come in many shapes and forms, from the merely irritating to the life-threatening. A tour of will show you how this French company is aiming to transform the way we treat and diagnose allergies through a range of exciting new products.

The Viaskin® patch

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The full range of Viaskin® products can be seen on the dedicated section on the website - These include house dust mite, cows’ milk protein and peanut allergy skin patches. The use of patch technology is what marks DBV-Technologies out from other researchers looking into treatments for allergy sufferers. Viaskin® patches are small, electrostatic patches worn directly against the skin. They may look similar to some nicotine patches, but instead of nicotine, they contain very small quantities of the antigen that is triggering the allergic reaction in the patient. This antigen is sprayed onto the patch via special ‘electrospray’ technology, which ensures that the layers of protein are distributed evenly across the patch. The patch may be removed at any time, ensuring that this treatment method is much safer than many of the alternative techniques.

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