Boost your home’s chic factor with furniture from Produit Intérieur Brut!

Have you always wanted to create a house interior that is both cozy and cutting-edge fashionable? If so, is here to help!

This French home interior and furnishings brand specializes in sourcing the best looks from the past and updating them to suit today’s fashion-conscious home-owners.

A big part of this look revolves around the use of retro furniture. Retro, industrial, vintage and bohemian looks all overlap to some extent, but they each have their own distinctive traits as well. Pib-home stocks a good selection of Scandinavian-style retro designs, most notably from Finland! These products are characterized by simple, elegant lines and, unsurprisingly, the widespread use of wood, including pine, elm and birch.

Shabby chic furniture offers a touch of rustic homeliness to your house


If you want a slightly less ‘polished’ vibe for your home, then you may be interested in going down the ‘shabby chic’ route. Slightly weathered, distressed items in natural tones and materials will help create a feeling of calm and continuity in your home. Older designs that had fallen out of favour, such as dressing tables and bedside tables with small drawers (see below) may be introduced to add a note of bohemian class!

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