Eden Luxury Homes – luxury holiday rentals for the hottest summer and winter destinations.

For some of the most luxurious holiday rentals you will find anywhere, why not try out Eden luxury homes for size? Only the very best properties make it onto the company’s portfolio, following an exhaustive vetting procedure that will banish pre-booking worries for good.

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Are other allergy treatments ‘a patch’ on those being developed by DBV-Technologies? Read on to find out…

Allergies come in many shapes and forms, from the merely irritating to the life-threatening. A tour of www.dbv-technologies.com/en/ will show you how this French company is aiming to transform the way we treat and diagnose allergies through a range of exciting new products. The full range of Viaskin® products can be seen on the dedicated […]

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Boost your home’s chic factor with furniture from Produit Intérieur Brut!

Have you always wanted to create a house interior that is both cozy and cutting-edge fashionable? If so, www.pib-home.co.uk is here to help! This French home interior and furnishings brand specializes in sourcing the best looks from the past and updating them to suit today’s fashion-conscious home-owners. A big part of this look revolves around […]

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